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Your Reasons Why


How can we help you walk your open road? 

A solution-focused life is a less stressful life

For every distressful situation, there are four ways* to consider handling it.

  1. If possible, solve the problem. To solve a problem, use the SMART approach.
  2. Change your perception to the problem. Maybe the situation isn't as bad as you think it is and you need someone to help you see it from a different perspective.
  3. Accept the situation. This approach doesn't mean you approve of it, it just means for now you are going to wait until time passes to see if "time can heal the pain." 
  4. Stay miserable. Not taking action about your attitude is also a valid choice. It's your life and you have the right to feel however you want. 

*Adapted from Marsha Linehan and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. 

Ideas, tools, and inspiration for healthier, more serene living

Perhaps, some days are dark for you, but I bet if you took pen to paper you could come up with 100 things that you've enjoyed in your life. If you're stuck on thinking of 13 Reasons Why, then counter balance this negative thinking with identifying 100 reasons why to keep living the life you've been given.  Give yourself the gift of gratitude to cope with life's challenges. And, if you need some help, that's okay. That's why we're here.