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Addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disorder. Without intervention, it gets worse and may lead to other chronic health conditions or treatment in the criminal justice system.

Addiction Counseling

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Types of Addiction

People most commonly think of addiction in substances, such as drugs and alcohol. However, many people also become addicted to certain behaviors, such as shopping, eating, gambling, viewing the Internet, engaging in unhealthy or multiple relationships.

What substance addictions and process addictions have in common are these: 

  1. Inability to stop or consistently abstain.
  2. Impairment in controlling behavior.
  3. Increased craving or hunger for alcohol, drugs, or rewarding experiences.
  4. Inability to see how these obsessions are causing significant problems in interpersonal relationships, including family and work
  5. Dysfunctional emotional responses and inability to regulate emotions.

The Being Place, PLLC on-line counselors can help you assess the severity of an addiction and whether outpatient or inpatient services are appropriate to start you in recovery.

If you are concerned about your own addictions or are worried about a loved one, please contact us and we will guide you in getting the best services, whether that's with us or another intensive treatment facility.

Brenda Henning, MS, LPC