Find the work that energizes you

The causes of work stress are varied. Work conditions can play a part in creating stress. However, another large factor in work stress is worker characteristics. You experience less work stress when your job fits your personality.  

Is there a way to discover which jobs best suit your personality? Yes! The Being Place, PLLC, offers career counseling and can help you discover which jobs fit your personality. Some of the things you can learn about yourself include:

  • Which aspect of your personality is dominant.
  • How  do you manage conflict.
  • What helps you feel like part of the team.  
  • What is your communication style.
  • Who on your team has the potential to be rock stars with the right coaching?

Give us a call today if you are ready to find which work environments best fits your personality. There’s a career waiting for you to knock on its door. We’ll help you find it.