"Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good." Voltaire

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mind-Body Medicine for Healing

The Being Place, PLLC incorporates a variety of holistic or integrative tools into the counseling process. The Being Place, PLLC has sought out training through the internationally-known American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and  the Center for Mind Body Medicine.  Using evidence-based techniques, The Being Place, PLLC specializes in treating emotional trauma or injury as a result of grief and loss, toxic conflict or chronic health problems. Once symptoms are regulated, mind-body medicine is beneficial for managing on-going stress and to maintain and improve psychological and physical health.

The Being Place, PLLC uses primarily a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy (CBT)  approach in conjunction with the mind-body integrative tools. A therapist helps a client identify patterns of negative or inaccurate thoughts and facilitates a process for the client to change his or her perspective on life events or health condition for improved mental and physical health.

We also use a variety of other psychotherapy approaches throughout our work together to facilitate the best outcome for clients.