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Our Philosophy

Our belief is that every human can find a way of being which brings them contentment and meaning. Our genetic wiring may be determined, yet our way of thinking and being about it never has to be. If your way of doing has led you away from a  healthier and fulfilling way of being, then please contact us. We will help you find your place again.

Our mission

From the day of birth to our last day on Earth, each of us embark on a unique journey. At some juncture in the journey, either through a personal crisis or a sincere curiosity,  we may be compelled to learn healthier ways to experience our way of being.  Our mission is to facilitate the conversation within yourself to find and activate the resources, connections, and tools which will help you achieve your vision of a healthier way of being.

About the owner

​I find my meaning and purpose in sharing the tools and mindsets which open the doors to healthier ways of being. My therapy work has been conducted in inpatient and outpatient hospital settings, depression and bipolar support groups and private practice. When appropriate, and as requested by my clients, we may incorporate hypnotherapy into our work together to accelerate recovery from anxiety and depression, overcome addictive behaviors and to achieve specific personal goals.

I have completed extensive training in facilitating healthy communication to resolve conflict.  Oftentimes, couples believe they are seeking marriage counseling when, in fact, they are searching for ways to reach agreement on decisions. 

For more about my services and credentials, please check out The Being Place's Services page.

Brenda Henning, MSE, LPC
Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors #73698

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