‚ÄčOur approaches

Unconditional positive regard is the foundation of the relationship between you and a psychotherapist. Once this is established through validation of your emotional experience, then a specific counseling approach is applied. The primary skill training offered in masters-level counseling programs is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.  The therapist uses a structured approach to assist a client in becoming aware of negative or inaccurate thinking. This helps you view challenging or emotional situations more clearly and allows you to solve problems and set goals more effectively

Other techniques which may be applied to enhance the therapeutic setting include Motivational Interviewing, Validation and Affirmation, People First Language, and Mindfulness Skill Building.

Our clients

We provide outpatient psychotherapy and mental health referral counseling to adolescents, adults, couples, and families across the state of Texas. We specialize in distance counseling, meaning if you have access to a computer, tablet, or cell phone with internet access you can participate in a confidential, secure counseling setting anywhere in the state of Texas. We offer limited face-to-face appointments for residents in the metro Houston area. 

Fees and Insurance

We want our counseling services to be as accessible to people as possible and currently accept these insurances:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Cigna

We also accept clients who prefer to not file insurance claims. We offer evening and Saturday appointments for consultation. 

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Heal your relationships and begin with you

All of us seek connection but sometimes communication breaks-down and it seems we are further apart from ourselves and our loved ones. At its essence, communication begins with self and then expands to our relationships.  If you seem stuck in a negative loop of defeating self-talk, then reach out to us. We will start where you are and travel with you to help you discover the self-compassion, guidance and direction to where you want to go next in your life journey. 

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