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Then we can help! Texans have been through many stressful situations. The Being Place, PLLC is here, wherever you are in Texas, to help you recover from loss and change that have impacted your ability to enjoy life to your fullest extent.  We are a telehealth practice and able to see any Texas resident.

Life can be distressingly unpredictable in relationships and health experiences.

Wherever you are on your journey, we commit to joining it with compassion and honesty. If you choose, you can explore mind-body integrative tools to experience a greater sense of relaxation, well-being, and confidence.

Or you can just talk. That's okay, too.

Whatever tools you choose,  we are here to help you find what works.

Some people keep things to themselves, so they don't burden their friends or family with problems. That's why we're here. We are here to listen to your concerns and, together, find a path forward to release yourself from those heavy burdens. You are not alone!