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The Being Place, PLLC is a top telehealth counseling practice for Texas residents dealing with the stress and anxiety of LIFE. We are here to help you overcome whatever has impacted your ability to enjoy life and yourself to your fullest extent.  

Get started today with our on-line counseling, consultation and conflict resolutions services and discover how you can live an inspired, empowered life free from anxiety and stress.

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Brenda Henning, MS, LPC

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Life can be a wild ride with the unpredictability of relationship and health experiences. Wherever you are on your journey we commit to joining it with compassion and honesty. If you choose, you can explore mind-body integrative and hypnosis tools so you can experience a greater sense of relaxation, well-being and confidence. Or you can just talk. That's okay, too. Whatever tools you choose to use,  we are here to help you find what works for you. "When you feel you are out of options, remember there's still the road not taken."