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We're a unique counseling practice dedicated to providing our clients with high quality counseling, consulting, career coaching and evaluation services with the purpose of giving you tools that work to organize your thoughts, improve your relationships, and manage your stress so you can be calm and confident.

We're committed to making various forms of counseling available to anyone who is ready to invest in their own well-being. Our practice is dedicated in providing evidence-based counseling methods, such as Cognitive Processing Therapy, specifically for PTSD, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and integrative mind-body practices, such as hypnosis and mindfulness skills.

Our practice provides evaluation services for organizations on behalf of professionals who may be experiencing substance use disorders or other mental health challenges. 

We also offer conflict resolution services to assist people in solving problems in a way which facilitate transformation.

We offer classes, courses, and workshops that shed light on interpreting and incorporating healthy coping skills with all aspects of life. We welcome your questions, feedback and insights as you and we grow and change together.

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I entered counseling after a career of leading non-profits and higher learning institutions as a public relations specialist and program manager. As a journalist and counselor I listen to powerful stories of fascinating people who have overcome great challenges. To fully listen to another human being’s story is a profound honor.

My memberships include: Association for Conflict Resolution Greater Houston; the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis; and the American Psychological Association.