Brenda Henning, MS, LPC

We're committed to making various forms of counseling available to anyone who is ready to invest in their own well-being. Our practice is dedicated in providing evidence-based counseling methods, such as Cognitive Processing Therapy, specifically for PTSD, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and integrative mind-body practices.

Our practice provides evaluation services for organizations on behalf of professionals who may be experiencing substance use disorders or other mental health challenges. 

We also offer transformational conflict resolution and mediation services to assist people in solving problems and reaching workable agreements.

We offer classes, courses, and workshops that shed light on interpreting and incorporating healthy coping skills into all life aspects. We welcome your questions, feedback, and insights as you and we grow and change together.

We're a unique counseling practice dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality counseling, consulting, career coaching, and evaluation services to give you tools that work to organize your thoughts, improve your relationships, succeed at work, and manage stress and conflictin constructive ways.

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I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor with extensive experience and training in facilitating recovery for people who have been impacted by traumatic or adverse life events. I truly believe in the counseling process and its efficacy in obtaining outcomes for people who have a desire and drive to make changes. I want to meet you on your worst day so I can help you get to the best days that lie ahead of you. Texas LPC license #73698

Before working as a counselor, I've led public relations and marketing efforts for community action agencies, a private university, and in other non-profit settings, and, of course, for my own private practice.

I've successfully written and obtained grants to provide community mental health and advocacy services. I have helped plan community wide events to provide educational and inspirational opportunities for business and cultural competency. My ongoing efforts in community service include providing free support groups for people impacted by natural disasters and for adolescents affected by another family member's drug addiction.

My main goal is to assist YOU and your TEAMS in improving well-being, building resiliency, and facilitating self-empowerment for continued growth and change to increase your productivity and profits. Reach out for yourself and together we will turn your problems into solutions and opportunities.

Memberships include the Texas Counseling Association, the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and the International Employee Assistance Professionals Association. 

Reach me at 832-212-0358 or
"Remember to Breathe!"

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Brenda Henning, MS, LPC
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