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We specialize in treating anxiety, insomnia, trauma, unhealthy relationship patterns, and difficult transitions. 

Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia and Nightmares-- CBT I&N is an evidence-based intervention conducted over six to eight sessions to treat sleep disorders not rooted in underlying medical conditions. It is a structured, short-term targeted treatment designed to help people fall asleep, stay asleep and be awake feeling more rested. People who suffer from nightmares which impact their sleep will learn new skills to rescript their sleep stories.  

Cognitive Processing Therapy--CPT is an evidence-based therapy specifically for people who suffer PTSD. A formalized approach, CPT is completed within 8 to 15 sessions.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy--CBT is a close cousin to CPT but is used for more general, less severe life stressors. CBT assists in identifying distorted thinking patterns and providing alternative, more helpful thoughts for clients. 

Mind-Body practices--People practice mind-body skills for developing deep relaxation or improving concentration and focus in achieving personal or professional goals.

Clinical Hypnosis--This is a specialty mind-body skill. Your therapist will teach you self-hypnosis. Hypnosis has been used effectively in a variety of medical settings, such as dental work and surgery. In therapy, clinical hypnosis is focused attention on specific goals as communicated by the client. Hypnosis is unable to occur without the express consent of a client. 

Counseling is for anyone committed to this method of addressing mental health and relationship concerns. We offer several counseling approaches for a variety of  issues, as well as career coaching, other mental health consultation, and conflict resolution sessions.

The Being Place, PLLC also offers these services: 

Evaluations--The Being Place, PLLC provides evaluations to professionals who need services to support them to be safe to practice in their chosen field. This service provides a comprehensive social and psychological history with recommendations for services to help a professional preserve their career.

Transformational Conflict Resolution--​Conflict is a natural part of life and sometimes people can't resolve their differences unless a neutral third party facilitates a healthy process to solve problems. 

Career Counseling--Work takes up a majority of your time if you are employed. Sometimes, people need an empathetic sounding board who can help facilitate problem solving as it relates to work relationships. 

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